Fee Structure for MSCS

Fee Structure:

Sr.No Details Amount(Rs)
1 Admission Fee (Once) 15,000/-
2 Endowment Fund (Once) 5,000/-
3 Tuition Fee (per Semester) 60,000/-
4 Freeze Charges per semester 5,000/-
  • Tuition Fee (per Semester) for KICSIT Alumni is Rs. 50,000/-
  • After 4th semester, the following will be charged:
    • 01 Credit Hour fee (Rs. 7000/-) will be charged as continuation fee.
    • Courses (not covered by MS Scholar/Student in 2 years) will be registered and charged Rs. 7000/- per credit hour.

The amount of fee and dues given in tables may be revised by the University or KICSIT authorities as and when required.