Engr. Masood Khalid
Director Incharge KICSIT

Director's Message

Its my pleasure to welcome you at Dr. A. Q Khan Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technology (KICSIT), Kahuta, a campus of Institute of Space Technology (IST), Islamabad. It has the privilege that it was inaugurated in November 2000 by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan himself, the founder and then Chairman of KRL.

KICSIT aims to offer quality education at an affordable cost. Currently, it is offering two four-year degree programs as Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCE) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS). BSCE is accredited by PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) and BSCS is accredited by NCEAC (National Computing Education Accreditation Council).

KICSIT is ideally located in an exclusively peaceful and secure environment. The Institute does have an elite faculty with foreign-qualified PhDs and MS degree-holders having decades of practical industrial experience, KICSIT is housed in its own purposefully-built air-conditioned campus.

In view of its increasing students strength and scope, the New Campus of KICSIT has been developed next to the lush green and scenic hills of Kahuta. This is on main Rawalpindi-Kahuta Road and covers an area of above 100 Kanals.

Though KICSIT is a small-size institute, yet by grace of Almighty it has a shining record in terms of students and alumni. A large number of alumni have joined Strategic Organizations, Armed Forces and Multinational Companies. In higher education, many studied and got degrees from US, UK and other Foreign Universities. Also, KICSIT students have been competing well in the inter-university competitions and have won many awards in sofrware, hardware and extra carrucullar areas, showing a nice grooming level prevalent here.

Thus, overall it is expected that our students find their stay at KICSIT a memorable and fruitful time period of their lives.