Eligibility Criteria - Bachelor of Sciences in Computer Science (BSCS)

The admissions are held once/twice a year in Spring/ Fall Semesters. The maximum number of seats available for admissions in BSCS program is 100 per year.


A candidate seeking admission in BSCS Program should fulfill the following requirements:

HSSC with Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry or Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science or Mathematics, Physics & Statistics with minimum of 50% aggregate marks,


A-Level with same as above combinations with minimum of 50% Aggregate Marks.


Diploma of Associate Engineering in IT/Computer Technology with at least 60% aggregate marks.


Applicants will be treated in the following five admission categories.

  • Category-A      F.Sc. with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
  • Category-B      F.Sc. with Mathematics, Physics, Comp. Science
  • Category-C      F.sc. with Mathematics, Physics, Statistics
  • Category-D      A-Level with as same combinaitons
  • Category-E      Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE) in IT/ Computer Technology.


Admission form is provided in the prospectus and can be downloaded directly from the website. Duly filled form should be sent to the Admission Office KICSIT within stipulated time period as advertised in newspapers, at website and in national media. Attested copies of certificates of Secondary School Examination, Higher Secondary School Examination and other required documents are to be attached with admission form.